BrandHive Acquired by Market Research/Consulting Firm, Decision Sciences Research Associates

New ownership propels BrandHive into renewed era of growth

July 9, 2019

BrandHive, a global healthy lifestyle branding agency providing high level strategic planning and branding expertise to consumer packaged goods and value-based ingredient companies for the past 23 years, was acquired by market research and data management company, Decision Sciences Research Associates, Inc. (DSRA). The purchase allows BrandHive to expand its capabilities portfolio to include specialized market research and data-driven services. The acquisition was finalized in May of 2019. 

DSRA is a market research, technology and consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research design, development, fielding, and analysis. Led by a strong and tenured management team, DSRA currently provides research and consulting services to several top CPG and luxury brands, including Clorox, Honda, Burt’s Bees, and Air Canada. 

“DSRA’s expertise in market research perfectly complements BrandHive’s strategic branding expertise, providing our clients with turnkey research capabilities,” said Jeff Hilton, Co-Founder of BrandHive. “BrandHive has been on a steady growth trajectory creating extraordinary value for our clients as a full-service branding agency. The DSRA partnership allows us to provide additional value to our clients with programs to enhance customer loyalty and business revenue at a time when data mining and management are emerging as key competitive advantages.”

BrandHive will retain its identity, along with its current staff. Hilton and BrandHive Co-Founder, Matt Aller, will also remain in active consulting roles.

“BrandHive is a tremendous adjunct for DSRA, providing highly experienced branding services to our clients,” said William Fisher, President and CEO of DSRA. “BrandHive’s long-standing reputation in the B2B and B2C natural products channels, along with DSRA’s analytical expertise, will allow us to create and implement data-driven branding initiatives to directly impact the revenue and profitability of our clients.” 

DSRA is excited to add BrandHive to its strong portfolio of companies, including CX Solutions and Bass Reports. CX Solutions is a leading research consulting firm in the United States, focusing on Customer Experience, Training, Change Management, and Consulting. The DSRA family also includes Bass Reports, which specializes in working with companies to ensure their employees deliver superior satisfaction and service required to build customer loyalty. 

“DSRA is really focused on achieving significant results for our clients through the application of real time data and solutions. This focus has been the most important contributor to DSRA’s success since our inception in 1982” comments Fisher.

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Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) & CX Solutions join forces.

CX Solutions joins the DSRA family helping to expand the breadth of research services available to clients

March 30, 2016

Market research, technology and services firm Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) announces that VOC and customer experience firm CX Solutions (formerly TARP) is now part of the DSRA family of research companies. The move continues to propel DSRA’s growth plan and commitment to provide customers with an expanded suite of innovative research tools and solutions backed by our industry leading client service.

“CX Solution’s excellent reputation in the VOC and customer experience space coupled with DSRA’s analytic expertise, innovative technology platforms and our keen ability to take data and analytics to a whole new level makes this an excellent combination for both companies,” said William Fisher, President and CEO of DSRA. “Our team looks forward to enhancing CX’s long term relationships and advancing the analytics and technology that drive the work we all do for our clients every day.” 

CX Solutions is one of the top market research firms in the United States headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. CX’s clients include the majority of the Fortune 500 Companies. The company works across diverse industries and its products and services focus on Customer Experience, Training, Change Management, Contact Center Operations and Consulting with extensive research in the Automotive Services, Financial Services, Healthcare, Media, and Travel/Leisure sectors. 

“CX’s industry leading experience will fully compliment the depth and range of industry expertise in the DSRA organization of companies and help provide all of our clients with the next generation of actionable market knowledge,” said Todd Arriza, Chief Operating Officer of CX Solutions. 

DSRA is well known in the industry for building the right technology and processes to support delivering quick and effective data and insights to its clients. They are the leader in the development, support and service of online qualitative and quantitative platforms. Leveraging almost 40 years of experience, DSRA works to provide faster, easier, and more cost-effective research solutions to its partners. The DSRA family of companies also includes Central Surveys Market Research (CSMR) which was founded in 1937, making them the oldest existing research company in the United States and a pioneer in public opinion and marketing research. Central Surveys conducts telephone surveys in all 50 states and Canada using its state of the art call center located in Shenandoah, Iowa. Their clients include electric and gas utilities, financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals and clinics, agri-businesses, advertising agencies, and public relations firms. Rounding out the list of DSRA companies is Bass Reports (Bass). The Bass Company, located in San Diego, is one of the nation’s preeminent marketing research and "mystery shopping" companies. Established in 1951, the Bass Company specializes in working with companies to ensure their employees deliver the superior satisfaction and service quality required to build customer loyalty. The Bass Company performs various customer service related evaluations (“mystery shopping”) and analysis. These services are performed; in-person, by telephone and via internet and then results are loaded into their proprietary dashboard for review and analysis by their clients. 

“DSRA is thrilled to have CX Solutions as part of our family and we all share the same commitment to achieving results for our clients through imaginative and creative research solutions and close business partnerships. These have always been the guiding principles of the DSRA founders and this continues today with our new range of services,” comments Bill.

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