Automobile Clubs

Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) has been helping AAA and CAA automobile clubs optimize their member satisfaction performance to meet the goals defined by the Association’s quality standards program. We have been contracting with clubs and The Association in the US and Canada for over 25 years, using surveys to identify areas in need of improvement so clubs can efficiently meet member satisfaction goals. We have also conducted a number of other studies including market research and member opinion research.

Member Satisfaction Tracking Surveys

DSRA has developed state-of-the-art member satisfaction and loyalty survey schemes for Automobile Associations across the US. These programs have helped to evaluate and drive policy-formulation for member satisfaction for emergency roadside service, travel related services, and service quality programs. DSRA survey services provide our client Clubs with survey responses, analysis and reporting products to meet their internal management requirements while at the same time meeting the Association’s requirements for its Quality Standards measurement protocol. We have assisted in developing incentive compensation systems based on member satisfaction survey results, using appropriate measures and indexes to build an equitable and legally defensible system.

Web-Based Results Reporting

Results of on-going survey series are updated frequently and reported using our web-based report management system (RMS). Report access is automatically tailored to the appropriate levels of authority, ensuring that contractors, in-house staff, managers and executives have access to the research results they need.

Contact Tickler

DSRA recognizes that member satisfaction surveys themselves also represent a sort of outbound communication between the club and its members. These surveys also present an opportunity to find out if the members have any unmet needs or questions about other club products or services.

Goal Setting Bulletin Board

For a number of our Auto club clients, DSRA provides on-line score cards, or goal setting opportunities. In this service, managers use the DSRA website resources to add words, goals or suggestions which supplement or underline research results.

Ranking Satisfaction Opportunities

DSRA has developed Pareto analysis reports which look at the product of member satisfaction weighted by transaction volumes in order to quantify which parts of the organization contribute more than their expected share of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Such studies can be used to target remedial action suggesting a change of policies, areas for increased employee training, or redistribution of resources.

Our surveys for Automobile Associations have included:

  • Standard Emergency Road Services
  • Standard Travel Agency Services
  • Standard Auto Travel Services
  • Auto and Homeowner Claims Processing Tracking
  • Member Opinion
  • Battery Service Satisfaction
  • Market Research
  • Member Retention Analysis
  • Employee Satisfaction and Management Opinion
  • Travel Product and Field Service Satisfaction