Customer Service & Retention Surveys

Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) work incorporates all aspects of the customer/company interaction spectrum – acquiring new customers, targeting new locations or products, customer retention, customer service and product quality, warranty services and claims tracking. DSRA fields customer surveys – either one-off or continuous quality improvement Tracking Surveys – and also makes use of an organization’s existing administrative data.

Building Research Databases from Administrative Data

Often, historical information about customer interactions with a company is stored in unrelated files. DSRA has the experience and tools required to transform that data into a fully-functional research database which creates a profile of customers and their interactions over time with all parts of a company. This research database is a data warehouse designed to track marketing activities and facilitate marketing intelligence across an entire enterprise.

Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Opportunity Studies

DSRA helps our clients understand and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools required to design and field surveys which measure the customer satisfaction experience across all aspects of a business, and throughout all phases of the customer life-cycle. DSRA are experts in creating on-going Tracking Surveys for firms which have continuous quality improvement programs, partnering with them to develop, test, and implement actionable and effective policy changes.

Campaign Response Analysis

Response Analysis is a strategy using statistical modeling of response patterns in order to score prospects. DSRA works closely with our clients to determine how best to measure the response characteristics which matter to a particular business. A rich set of possible predictive attributes will help to ensure that the model can score prospects effectively. Prospects can then be given a scored and ranked, and promotional campaigns targeted to reach the most likely responders.

Market Area & Retail Traffic Pattern Studies

DSRA conducts surveys that help establishments evaluate siting decisions including preferred shopping destinations, site selection or site abandonment, and purchase patterns related to work and residence location. In this research, we work with companies to optimize the locations of facilities based on the demographic characteristics of communities, their purchasing or service use characteristics, travel patterns, and other factors involved in market dynamics.

Market transformation & Product Lifecycle Studies

DSRA works with businesses to evaluate outcomes involved in market transformations. We conduct surveys in which we look at the dynamics of the changing business environment in order to evaluate product lifecycle, to test receptiveness for innovative business technology or services, and quantify changing consumer behavior.

Bad Debt Analysis

DSRA develops predictive models to identify new customers likely to result in bad debt. Using geo-demographic models and name and address matching to 3rd party data, we help businesses proactively undertake policies which help reduce financial losses. DSRA has also modeled the effectiveness of alternative collection strategies.