Research Software

Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) has developed a number of in-house software systems to process outbound survey mailings and to provide rapid and flexible reporting of survey responses. Our software systems were developed to provide an on-line survey engine for the administration of complex, logic-driven survey instruments. Other on-line systems automate updates to research results at password-protected reporting portals. In addition, we developed a unique set of software applications designed to deal with the administrative complexities of managing research projects.

InstaPrint™ Survey Production

DSRA conducts mailings of outbound surveys on behalf of our clients. Mailings are typically accomplished by printing survey recipient’s names, addresses and survey ID values on pre-printed survey instrument using our high-speed laser printer. Additionally, DSRA has developed a strategy to print entire surveys on blank stock to allow customizing survey instruments for each individual recipient, using variable image technology. DSRA is able to implement variable content surveys and to prototype new survey question wordings without the lengthy delays that offset printing requires.

RefBase™ Survey Reporting System

DSRA has developed a “Reference Base” survey system to manage survey content. The RefBase System consists of a database of survey questions, answer choice options and survey section headings. Once survey content is entered into RefBase format, a wide range of procedures may access the RefBase data to produce well labeled reports and graphics to communicate survey findings. Building on the RefBase platform, we have developed generalized programs to produce Column Analysis Tables and Survey Codebooks .

RMS™ – Report Management System

DSRA supports extensive web-based presentation of survey results on Reporting / CRM Portals. These portals provide secure 24-hour access to aggregate reports, respondent listings and to view scanned images of returned survey instruments. Using these tools clients can keep constant track of survey results progress and to identify customer respondents that have urgent concerns requiring outbound customer relations contacts. The RMS strategy results in a user friendly system that organizes reporting products within a “tree” that identifies the various parts the clients organization. Multi-level access allows senior managers and line personnel to view different levels of information based on client-specified rules.

Office Automation System – OAS

DSRA has developed our own Office Automation System (OAS) software specifically designed to meet the needs of our survey and consulting practice. The OAS software is configured to run in a browser environment. The OAS consists of five (5) interconnected applications:

  • Communications Tracking: Creates, identifies, retrieves and archives all client or supplier related communications including telephone calls, letters, packages deliveries, fax letters and fax covers, as well as emails.
  • Task Scheduling and Tracking: Manages a calendar system to identify future dates for client deliveries and other deadlines to facilitate staffing and work flow allocations.
  • Time Sheet Record Keeping: Keeps track of time expenditures by client project within an environment where staff multi-task across many client projects. The system automatically maintains records of their time allocation by client and project.
  • Incidental Expense Record Keeping: Captures various small expenses that are billable to clients. End of month invoice programs aggregate these items to prepare summary invoices.
  • Inventory Tracking: Manages warehouse supplies of preprinted survey instruments and envelopes. The database contains records of all printing supplies received and daily transactions about stock usage.